$3.00 per Record

Provide as much information as possible, since the more we know about your record the more accurate our appraisal will be. 

The appraisal fee is just $3.00 per record. 

1st Payment option: Mail $3.00 in cash or money order (NO PERSONAL CHECKS please!) (US CURRENCY ONLY).   Money orders MUST be made payable to
Norm Tester


Name- Full E-mail address- Street or Postal Address- City, State & Zip- General description of record submitted for appraisal- Name of Record Company- Color of label on record- Color of the Vinyl- Number on record- * Phone number where you can be reached: Additional information or comments:

2nd Payment Option: (Send information email) and pay with PayPal at:

If you do not have e-mail, please include a self-addressed, STAMPED envelope for reply.  Please make sure to print address clearly, whether e-mail or physical. Send to:

Norm Tester
%Elvis Appraisals

Box 428
Camp Wood, Texas 78833

Two important points to double check if using U.S. mail:

1. Payment must be in cash or money order.   NO PERSONAL CHECKS! US CURRENCY ONLY

2. Be sure to provide either an e-mail address, or a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


Our service is 100% guaranteed to satisfy or there will be no charge.  If your item is beyond our research abilities, we will notify you of that.  There is no charge whatsoever if we are unable to appraise your record.

If you think we would benefit by seeing a photo of your collectible record, save it as a JPG image file, and attach it to an e-mail to:


Manufactured, mass-produced records are appraised with values based on near-mint condition only.  Since you have the record and not us, proper evaluation requires making an appropriate price reduction to allow for wear, aging, and flaws.

Important Notice.  All of the information supplied by Texas/Tester Enterprises, including valuations, is compiled from the most reliable sources.  Though every effort will be made to be accurate, errors are still possible.  We will not be held responsible for losses which may occur in the purchase, sale, or other transaction of items because of information provided by us.  A small service charge may be applicable if we are required to go to extra time and effort because of incorrect information supplied to us.  If you don't receive a reply within 10 days, e-mail us again.  You may have entered an invalid address, or failed to send a S.A.S.E. In either case, we will hold your appraisal until we hear from you.